So Will I (100 Billion X)

Berowrabaps   -  

This is just one of the many versions that you can watch.

In my opinion this song is a Christian music masterpiece. The lyrics are particularly impressive (I would say inspired too).

It is not a short song because there are just so many good lines. Taking you on a journey, which can be overwhelming at some points if you engage with its truths.

It starts with the undisputable attributes of God which blow your mind and centre your thinking at the same time.  Next is creation….“as You speak 100 billion galaxies are born” then listen how nature relates to God himself in the lyrics …“once You have spoken all nature and science follow the sound of your voice” “evolving in pursuit of what you said.”

The story moves onto how God relates to us humans. “Every painted sky a canvas of your grace” just to name one, then the response in the song from us to God – “If creation still obeys you so will I” and another pearl …. “If the wind goes where you send it so will I.” Wow!

Next verse is how God pursues our hearts to reveal His mighty act of sacrifice and redemption… “On a hill You created the light of the world abandoned in darkness to die, and as You speak, 100 billion failures disappear, where you lost your life so I can find it here”. Brilliant!

Again the response from us, (the only sensible and reasonable response)….. “If you left the grave behind you so will I.  If you gladly chose surrender, so will I”

To finish, it’s about the co-labouring with our Father to reconcile the lost and help the oppressed…
“…If you gave your life for them then so will I.” “You’re the one that never leaves the one behind.“

Be inspired to dive deeper into your high calling with a victorious and powerful God by your side!

Anthony Newling