Remain – Ben Cantelon

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Friends, today we’re looking at Remain by Ben Cantelon. 

Trying a change in format this week so you can have chance to reflect on the lyrics first! You’ll find my thoughts below


Defender of this heart

You loved me from the start, You never change

Through the highs and lows

As seasons come and go, You never fail


Day after day, Your love will remain

Faithful and true, You are good


You are God with us

You’re victorious

You are strong and mighty to save

For Your word stands true

There is none like You

And when all else fades You remain


When troubles come my way

You guide and You sustain, lead me I pray

Forever You will be the Great Eternal King

Now and always


This is quite possibly my favourite opening lines of any worship song. Defender of this heart. What a great picture of our God, the one who defends our heart, it continues saying he loves us from the start, he will never fail through the seasons. 


This song really celebrates our unchanging God, the one who through who it all remains strong and victorious, our God whose goodness is unquestionable despite the circumstances that surround us. The Pre-chorus sets this up so well, day in, day out his love remains with us. 


This then crescendos beautifully in the really uplifting chorus. The chorus is significantly higher than the verses but it just lends itself to pushing harder musically and vocally. For me the chorus melody is one of the best going around and has been for a while. The truths then that we sing for me are that much more profound, I find they are lifted by the melody. God is with us. He is with us, strong and mighty to save. What a comforting truth! 


The second verse is great too. It shows God as our sustainer and guide in times of trouble. I see echoes of the picture of God as our shepherd in Psalm 23 here. He who leads his sheep in love, guides them through hard times, this is matched with the reminder that God is king now and always.


This is a song I find myself singing long after it’s over, the melody stays with me and my mind gets chance to rest with the truths in the song. This, for me, is fun to play, fun to sing and has a simple truth that is always good to be reminded of.

You can find a link to the song HERE.

Love to hear what you think of this song, 

as always much love and many blessings