Yes and Amen – Housefires

Berowrabaps   -  

Father of kindness

You have poured out of grace

You brought me out of darkness

You have filled me with peace

Giver of mercy

You’re my help in time of need

Lord I can’t help but sing


Faithful, you are

Faithful, forever, you will be

Faithful, you are


All your promises are Yes and Amen

All your promises are Yes and Amen


Beautiful saviour

You have brought me here

You pulled me from the ashes

You have broken every curse

Blessed redeemer

You have set this captive free

Lord I can’t help but sing


I will rest

In your promises

My confidence

Is your faithfulness


This week we’re thinking about Yes and Amen, written by the Housefires. Yes and Amen is a song that absolutely calls on us to trust God, that we would think of the promises he has made to us in his word and trust in his goodness.

This is often much more easily said than done, but the heart of the song is to encourage our souls to do this. We often see the psalmist call upon his soul to sing to God, to trust God, to praise God; here we are doing the same.

The verses are packed full of reminders of what God has done for us; he brought us out of darkness, he gives us peace, he sets us free. All of these become reasons to sing! For surely as we reflect on God’s goodness to us, our souls want to worship him.

I love the melody of the chorus, the harmonies that naturally come out. But the simple truth of God’s faithfulness to us is something I personally love to reflect on, to sit with, to soak in. The way he has provided for me, the ways he has proven his goodness to me are countless. And because of the way he has kept his promises to me in my life, and through the person of Jesus; I know I can trust his promises for the future. 

Therefore I will rest in those promises. I will find peace there. In troubled times and turbulent waters my foundation will be my God’s promises to me. I will trust in his faithfulness to me. 

There was once a song I loved; it’s simple phrase was “You are faithful when I am faithless.” I find great comfort in that too. God’s faithfulness to me does not rely upon me or what I bring to the table. Instead his love is with me, it covers me and provides for me and will do all the days of my life.

There’s a version of the song here, you’ll also find it in our Spotify playlist

Much love and many blessings and I look forward to seeing you all soon!