Chains are broken, Clean and Delight

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Thought this week as something different I’d do five minute reviews on a few songs that I’ve just added to the Spotify playlist!


First up is Chains are broken by Tom Field.

For me this chorus is so good;


Chains are broken, broken


Love has spoken, spoken

You are all I need

Jesus all I need is You


This is a song about the freedom we find in Christ. As the weight of sin is taken from us through his sacrifice, we can stand confident in our forgiveness before him. And it’s in that confidence and celebration of what he has done that we can sing. 

I find this simple song is one my heart loves to sing along to. I particularly love the line “You are all I need, Jesus all I need is You.” The melody is beautiful, the lyrics, though simple, are even more so. 

Musically I like it’s relaxed feel, the simple guitar always makes me happy, the hand percussion in the background is nice to hear as a point of difference; really it’s the harmonies that seem to naturally flow for me that lift this song. 

Chains are broken, Tom Field


Next up is Clean by Hillsong UNITED.

Maybe a slightly polarising song? This vocal driven song obviously has some after effects on which aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea! For me I think they work. The song is so unique because of it, and I love the sound.

The pad keyboard that filters in and out of the background is lovely, but it’s all the echoes of voices in the background that really stay with me.

Lyrically the concept is very simple; Jesus mercy and love for us has made us clean through the story of the cross. 

The second verse says

Purify my heart in Your presence

Teach me to discover the joy

Of holiness that forms as You draw me close

In You what was lost is restored

I like that they too find joy in holiness that we are transformed into as we walk with Jesus. It’s maybe not something we sing about very much, but the Holy Spirit absolutely does transform us, and I am so encouraged seeing the changes Jesus has made in others as much as he has in me. 

Clean, Hillsong UNITED


Finally Delight by Soul Survivor Australia

This song probably deserves it’s own week if I’m honest but we can at least start here! First the opening  (and closing) guitar riff is one of my favourites! But beyond that some of the lyrics in my opinion are the best going around;

Who is the king who traded a diamond for dust? 

Who am I God to love in Your wonders and love?


I’m a well, overflowing

You’re the one who is pouring

In my heart, I will lay down in awe


Take me to the house where you dwell

Jesus you’re the cry of my heart

Here, now, I let go of all my pride

And I’ll rest in Your delight

Seriously, so good! I find this song refreshes my soul. The call to lay down my pride, everything I want to achieve, to be known for, to accomplish and instead rest, lie down, relax, trust in God’s delight for me. It’s such a gentle reminder that we can’t earn God’s love, his delight, his favour. Instead he pours it out willingly for us before we have even started! It’s in this favour then that I will choose to dwell. 

Delight, Soul Survivor Australia


I hope these songs, like the rest, are a blessing to you!

Much love