Counting on Your Name

Berowrabaps   -  

My name is written on Your hands

You’ve called me Your own,

You’ve called me Your own

Now I am Yours no earthly power

Could tear us apart,

Tear us apart


I’m counting on Your Name

I’m counting on Your Name,

Counting on Your Name to save me

I’m trusting You’re the way

I’m trusting You’re the way,

Trusting You’re the way my Saviour


My life is built on nothing less

Than Your faithfulness,

Your faithfulness

Counting on Christ and Christ alone

I’m hoping in You,

hoping in You


I believe

I believe

I believe You are the Way


This week my friends we’re looking at a song called Counting on Your Name; a song about trusting God and his promises for us. For me it really feels like it’s a song that is as much about me declaring my trust and faith in God to save me, as it is calling on God to remember his promises to save me.

The verses speak of how he has called us out, set us apart, and referencing the oh so famous passage in Romans, talks of his love for us that we cannot ever be separated from. They talk of our hope in Christ and how we have built our life around his faithfulness, it is the foundation on which we stand.

What I have found in this song though is a cry that God would save. All the truths that we sing join together, and for me, say God I have put all my eggs in your basket; I will trust you, but I need you to come through for me.

This is reflected it the chorus as the cry is that I am counting on Jesus’ name to save, and in the same way I will trust that He is the way (which itself is then repeated in the bridge).

I really like the way this song seems to balance truth with prayer. It’s almost like it’s saying “I know the truth, but at the same time Jesus, everything rests on you to save, so come and save.” 

Musically the build through the song is magnificent, I enjoy singing the chorus with the high notes that can make it feel more of a declaration. Also the version I listen to is in C, which means I can play fun D shapes on Capo 10; which might sound like nothing to some of you, but I can assure you it makes it fun to play around with!

You can find the song on youtube or in our spotify playlist!

Hope this song is a blessing to you,

Much love to you all