Always Good – Bethel

Berowrabaps   -  

You meet me on the mountain top

You see in me in the valley low

There is no home without You here


And I find You in the crowded thoughts

You quiet all the question marks

There is no space Your love won’t fill


And I’ll trade all my fear for peace of


All my heaviness for burdens light


And this will be my song

That You are always good

I’ll sing it all day long

That You are always good

And when the day is through

I am left with

You are always

You are always good


And I set my eyes on perfect faith

You’ll finish what You start in me

And my heart will be an offering


Every melody

You’re singing back to me

You’re singing back

Every melody

You’re singing back to me

You’re singing back


Hello friends,


This week a song that I have only just discovered, but have found of great worth to me. Always Good is a song that repeats over and and over how God is good despite what I might see around me; despite the noise, the fear, the doubts, God is good to us. 


It starts with a wonderful promise that God meets us both in the mountain place, in the times when life is good, easy. When we can see where we’re going, when we know the answers, when we’re at that conference, when work is going well, when family is joyful. But God also meets us in the valleys, when life is throwing unanswerable questions at us, when we’re mourning, hurting, when we are at the end of our rope, there God is also. 


And in that space his offer is to take our weariness, our brokenness, our burdens and he will make them light. The third verse makes reference to Philippians where Paul is confident that God will continue to grow us, in all circumstances, to finish the good work that he has started in us.


We also see a reference to Zephaniah and God singing songs of love over his people. It’s such an interesting picture, and one I love to reflect on. That as we sing songs of love to God for all that he has done for us, he too is writing songs about us. Songs of love for you and me. And as we sing to him, he sings back to us covering us in his love. Amazing. 


The chorus is what seems to stick with me over and over. I find myself playing this song early in the morning and letting it come back to me throughout the day. The beautiful mantra of ‘You are always Good’ rolls on and on and on and on. Then as frustration and stress rise I remind myself God is good. When joy and peace fill my heart I am reminded that God is good. And when the day is through my song remains You are always good.


As a side note it’s beautiful melody, and the instrumental is fantastic to improvise with for those budding musicians. Grab something and play along and be part of the song!


As always I hope this song blesses you,

Much love