Touch of Heaven – Hillsong

Berowrabaps   -  

How I live for the moments

Where I’m still in Your presence

All the noise dies down

Lord speak to me now


You have all my attention

I will linger and listen

I can’t miss a thing


Lord I know my heart wants more of You

My heart wants something new

So I surrender all


All I want is to live within Your love

Be undone by who You are

My desire is to know You deeper

Lord I will open up again

Throw my fears into the wind

I am desperate for a touch of heaven


You’re the fire in the morning

You’re the cool in the evening

The breath in my soul

The life in my bones


There is no hesitation

In Your love and affection

It’s the sweetest of all


I open up my heart to You

I open up my heart to You now

So do what only You can

Jesus have Your way in me now


I’ve been looking forward to doing this song for a few months now and I’ve decided this is the week to do it! The song is Touch of Heaven by Hillsong. I’ve found this song to be a really great song to put on as I enter a quiet time. For me it really helps me set my mood well and remind me of how important God’s presence is in my life.


I’m really enjoying using the lyrics as a reflection of my heart that as I sit, listen, sing I can help calm myself; I really love the line “all noise dies down, Lord speak to me now.” This now often forms a prayer for me and I find sets a really good atmosphere for me to enter into. The second half of the first verse is just as good at this as well as it causes me to set my attention on God, to seek to hear his voice. For really at the end of the day, as I set aside time to get back on God’s wavelength, to remind myself of his goodness; really my hope is that I would hear his voice again, that I would be guided, encouraged, healed, loved by Him.


I really enjoy the refreshing language used of God in the second verse; calling him the fire in the morning and the cool in the evening is fantastic. Much of this week I’ve enjoyed going outside late after I finish work and playing with Jonathan in the garden with Doug. I love daylight savings and I’m finding these times really special, particularly I’m enjoying cooling down in the garden after a long day. The air is so refreshing, the gentle breeze so relaxing. To use that as a picture of God for me is very special; for his presence is a place for us to relax, to unwind, to be filled again by His Spirit. 


The chorus and bridge then form part of a commitment to God that I will seek out these spaces, I will seek out his words, I will offer and open my heart to Him and His guidance. For me it is a reminder of my life of surrender to Him, a message that is often worth repeating.


So my encouragement to you would be to find a space to again open yourself up to God and his voice in your life. Use this song if it’s helpful to you, or find something else that helps you engage with Him. Some of us love bushwalks, others love driving. Find what works for you and set time aside for Him because one thing is for certain; He wants to pour out his love on you.


There is no hesitation in his love and affection. It’s the sweetest of all.

Many Blessings,