We all praise God; for all that He has done, and all that He is.

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Hello church family,


A little while ago I floated the idea of sharing the set that I picked for the Sunday service to give a little insight into what I was thinking when I picked it!

We’ve been challenging ourselves as worship leaders to pick sets around themes or in response to something that’s being shared that day. Sometimes this is obviously easier than others!

So today I’d love to share with you the set we did for last Sunday.


Great Things

King of Wonders

Every Nation (Oh Praise Him)


Met By Love


As I sat down to construct the set, the theme I really wanted to bring out was We all praise God for all that he has done and all that he is

This theme, as I shared last week, started as I sat down to work out what I was going to preach next in the story in Genesis, but really came to light as we decided to do another new song. I’ve found this song, written by our friends at Soul Survivor, of such great value in my prayer life with God and was excited to share it with the church. 

With this in mind, I really wanted to lead in to the new song well, and with songs that the church new and were comfortable with. Great things fits really easily into the theme and was a natural starting point. King of wonders then really sets up for us thinking about the character and majesty of our God. With a bit of a stretch we were able to play it in the same key as Every nation and so it became the lead in.

I was really aware that Every Nation is a long song, and felt we could draw some momentum out of it, so didn’t want to head back into another slow and low verse but instead really wanted to maintain what we had already built. So instead we headed straight into the chorus of Waymaker. 

In my own personal worship times I’ve really enjoyed singing waymaker as part of medleys with lots of other songs, I find it’s a really helpful song to move in and out of. With that in mind I loved the idea of ending with the truth ‘there is no one like you Lord, you Lord.’ I felt it really encapsulated the reason for why we were praise him, for no one compares to him, no one can do the things of God. 

Finally as I reflected on the set I really wanted to bring in a piece of scripture to hopefully tie it all together. Psalm 96 was perfect, it speaks of God’s character, but more than that it has loads of images of people, nations, families, seas, forests, trees and all of creation pouring out praise to God. 


Today as I reflect upon it again I’m struck by the phrase

Splendour and majesty are before him.’

What an awesome picture of our God, and indeed what a wonderful God we love and serve.


Many blessings,