Berowra Baptist Church Values

Jesus Focused

To be inspired by and model our lives and community on the life of Jesus - To desire to know Him and His ways more - To understand our identity as followers of Jesus, having the Holy Spirit in us and with us

Holy Spirit Led

To seek, wait and be filled and led by the Holy Spirit in all that we do - Prayer being of high importance in our relationship with God and each other

The Bible as the Word of God

To read the Bible with humility through the lens of Jesus - To understand and present the Bible and its message as good news

Priesthood of all Believers

To treat all people with honour and respect, viewing all as capable of hearing from God and making decisions for themselves - To give people opportunities to use their gifting - To empower people to share Jesus with others


To give God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit honour and praise for his mighty works of creation, salvation, and restoration - To create a space for the church to meet with and be refreshed, inspired and changed by the presence of God

Authentic Relationships

To be grace & love focused - To be a safe place for vulnerability and courage - To value authenticity over appearances as a ‘come as you are’ community - To welcome all people regardless of where they are in their journey with Jesus

Inter-generational Community

To ensure all generations feel valued and included - To encourage intergenerational participation in all areas of community life, whilst recognising the need to maintain meaningful places for discipleship and social engagement with others in the same developmental stage

Justice & Serving the Marginalised

To reach out in friendship with a desire and commitment to listen and be led by Aboriginal Christian leaders - To partner with the Devanahalli project in supporting Pastors, Orphans & Widows in ways both financially and practically - To support the marginalised in our community through our work with foster carers, Hornsby Connect and Hornsby Kuring-Gai Women’s Shelter

Care for Creation

To tread lightly on our land and to care for creation

Serve our Local Community

To listen and to respond to the needs of our local community - To serve the teachers, children and families of Berowra Christian School